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Anything I could think to look for in handgun ammo was available AND at reasonable prices. Ammowarehouse sold out of everything they had on their shelves. 22 ammo to try and price gouge their neighbor with. The only people dumb enough to pay those prices are newcomers to the market, and the wealthy. I recently purchased a few cases of 22LR from SGAmmo, Vudoo ammo supply, and Target Sports at the beginning of this (they all had a one case limit although I was able to snag two cases from SGAmmo before they ran out). 6 Billion Rounds In Past Year March 22, 2013 By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. Top ammunition brands at low prices on Bulk Ammo to single boxes! Shop a huge selection of Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Shells, and Rifle Ammo. Ammo shortages---that's why I reload. 22 ammo shortage was it spring boarded off of Christmas sales creating a normal shortage, some panic, and low cost of rimfire which allowed scalpers to create an artificial "shortage" in much the same way the 2 brothers from Tennessee that made the news recently by driving around at least 2 different states buying every bottle Hey GC just wondering if everyone is going they the same crisis as Rhode Island is. Mar 26, 2020 · Finding ammunition during a shortage can be difficult. We welcome everyone and the community is free to join so register today and become part of the Gunner Forum family! 04-13-2014, 07:04 AM Mar 24, 2020 · The last ammo shortage is why I started reloading. JHP 9mm, 22 LR, 62 grain and JHP . Mar 05, 2006 · M855-class ammo, 62gr FMJ-BT bullet with mild steel penetrator in the nose. 22 shortage last time ammo got tight. When the wars started slowing down, the extra ammunition flooded the civilian market. 22 Short, Long Rifle Seems like the ones on here talking about ammo shortage and hoarding are part of the ones that are doing the hoarding and causing the shortage Since the COVID-19 panic I've purchased te following: 2 pounds of StaBall for my 6. A week and a half ago I went to the same walmart for a new lawn mower, and of course checked ammo, and there were 3 of the 250rd UMC bulk packs of 45acp. Do you think it will happen again? I went to both sportsmans and cabelas today to get some stuff for defensive pistol training range day coming up. They normally Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your Ford, and have a great time with other Ranger fans. There’s no way I’m buying ammo or Lysol at this time. I bought about sixty rounds to add to the ammunition stash and twenty rounds of . Ammo. No shotguns, ARs, . We're not hiding behind a frustrating automated phone system, or re-routing your questions to India or the Philippines. 40 Smith & Wesson hollowpoints for $10. Mar 13, 2020 · Just ordered a little more. Basically, they suppliers said they didn't have a clue when they would get any pistol ammo but for now they had plenty of shotgun shells. 56, 12 gauge slugs and buckshot are sparse at best. Sales rep tells me it's been crazy since Covid and now the riots. 98 before tax). Heinlein 190 Civic Circle, Suite 260, Lewisville, TX 75067 The topic of the thread is "22 mag ammo shortage?" dalejiw25, Oct 4, 2013. Those are most of what I regularly buy, and there's none available locally or How long might ammo shortage last? This is a discussion on How long might ammo shortage last? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Just wondering how long the shortage might go on. I missed earlier shortages, because I wasn't into shooting. Well guess which line the 9mm bullets are going down. Eventually when it calms down I will fix that. 308 Winchester ammo for about 68 cents per round after tax. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! Jan 12, 2009 · Haven't been able to find . So people see their ability to wipe their butt quickly drying up, and immediately start hoarding . Locally, I'm seeing some ammo on the shelves at gun stores, although Wallyworld either isn't stocking or the retired shooters know when the truck arrives and are still waiting in line to clean them out. 9mm, because everyone stocks it. Didn't look more as I just passed through. 223 ammunition. 223/5. And, as a consequence, ammo became scarce and expensive. then the mfg couldnt keep up with demand this caused the prices to increase, and then also materials costs went up as well. 22 ammo shortage/price ripoffs Please include your Forum Mar 15, 2020 · The ammo panic started so late that it proves to me that it’s mostly the unprepared. Mar 22, 2013 · Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1. 22 production and I doubt that the manufacturers can switch those lines over to centerfire. 22 LR ammunition. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This whole ammo short deal is getting me to think twice about what to do after the shortage is done. 99 and some other brand I'm not familiar with in both FMJ and JHP plus some Hornady. So everyone gets their guns (and ammo for them) before the new laws pass. Again, supply can not meet demand. This is just getting stupid. I don't know about others but that's not the way I see it. 62 x 39 shortage, Mar 16, 2020 · btw, for those close to Tulsa/BA, the AtWoods on 193rd and e 71st st in BA still has some ammo left. 45ACP, 223/556 and I can't find anything available. There is still plenty of rifle and shotgun ammo available, but we're pretty much out of handgun and powder here at the local Sportsmans. In the middle of an ammunition shortage, this one is tough to do, but it’s food for thought moving forward. Why buy 22 ammo, if all you own is a 9mm? Shop Cabela's huge collection of ammunition by caliber, brand, price or best rated ammo. Gun pickups, range use, and non-firearm purchases will continue as normal after that time. This comes from FOX. I’ve been hearing some news about the beginning of a 22, 9mm and 556 shortage recently and was wondering what’s going on in areas other than Albany county. Jackie B. 9 mm, 40 S+W, any size buckshot gone, gone, gone! Hunting rifle ammo, 7 1/2 shot size shotgun shells are there for anyone to buy in any quantity. ammo shortage easing up? I was only allowed to buy one box, but they had it on the shelf. 56 pressure loading. at double the "pre-shortage" price. Everybody is in a panic and buying ammo they can't even use. 357, . . 22 ammo shortage - Shooters Forum » Advanced I think the ammo shortage is due to the boom in new gun owners. Mar 20, 2020 · Ammo Sales are limited to 1 box of target and 1 box of defensive/expanding ammo per caliber per household per day. I probably have supplies for perhaps 8-10,000 rounds. 223 and 9mm if they had some decent stuff and no such luck. To supply the Iraqi's with ammo the Government is buying up much of the world surplus stocks. FMJ 9mm ammo when I had been paying . Dec 28, 2012 · Myrtle Beach, SC Bass Pro and local shops are the busiest I've ever seen them. 9mm Luger handgunners know there are a ton of bullet types available to them with each having its own specific benefit based on the intended use. 22 ammo anymore my local bimart has been bone dry on everything but 30. Received a catalog in the mail yesterday; where this business had several brands of both match grade . They may run 24-7, but have not added any machines to increase capacity. 223 and FMJ 9mm. 9mm Ammo Types and Uses. 223 and 5. 22 LR's and regular . 38, . This is a discussion on Ammo Shortage within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was advised by a reliable source, that there is going to be a severe ammo shortage due to Covid19 Panic Buying. I bought it, placed it on the seat beside me and headed home. 22 Rimfire Ammo Shortage Reply #15 - Apr 27 th, 2014 at 7:59pm Feb 09, 2009 · if your able to find ammo here (38 spl, 9mm, 9x18 mak, even 22) in az it costs enough to send your kids to college. 5 Grendel I just built. 45 if you ask me. Mar 23, 2009 · Page 1 of 2 - Ammo Shortage? - posted in Off Topic Forum - If your post disappeared look in here: This might be a little off subject, as hard as I try, I can't get a definitve answeras to why there is such an ammo shortage. (I survived the great Obama ammo shortage and not going to get caught with my pants down again). Social media is full of reports of empty shelves , and some local reporting in Waco, Texas, confirms these accounts. BUT with sky high prices on all ammo, I suspect many people have switched to shooting . 22s instead of centerfire. In fact I found some . Of course, the same could be said about the shooting/hunting world. 223 they had no AR-15 style guns in stock at all. 56 green tip ammo in from last Friday through yesterday. In fact, they cancelled our order for shot, primers, powder, etc. Welcome to Gunner Forum - a friendly gun forum for gun owners. Walmart and Kmart says they haven't had any in weeks and their warehouse is out as well. When will the ammo shortage end? I'm tired of not being able to find ammo anywhere and if i do its extremely high priced. All times re: Ammo shortage is here Posted by SpillwayRoyalty on 3/19/20 at 2:22 pm to lsufan1971 I went to academy yesterday and it was a mad house by the ammo. 22lr ammo "shortage" now over? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The And, as a consequence, ammo became scarce and expensive. Subject: Re: Ammo Shortage March 23rd 2009, 16:13 There is a huge ammo shortage right now with everyone buying as much as they can! The week before last, the DoD decided to not sell their expended brass to reloading companies and that put a scare on a lot of people on top of the scare that everyone already has. Marlin Firearms Forum - The Community for Marlin Owners. e. why does no one seem to have . But it's like the toilet paper everyone is buying so I I feel like I have to. We all know (or should have) that the ammo supply will be the first acts of a corrupt government. Mar 23, 2013 · If this was conspiracy, would this shortage drive the price of guns down? Too much supply = lower prices. In my area the shortage is the same nothing has changed. 38 Special. Shelves were half empty gun count Is the ammo shortage over? This is a discussion on Is the ammo shortage over? within the Ammunition forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; I haven't tried to buy ammo for about six months. 22 ammo prices. ? Do You Need More AMMO? While this question has become less common, it never has gone away. COVID-19 is a better gun salesman than Obummer. I did buy a quantity of 9mm and 45 ACP Hornady and Sig ammo around 2 yrs ago for defensive use, still have enough for a shootout at a OK Corral type Let's see. 300 AAC Blackout for about $12 and 150 rounds of 9 millimeter Luger ammo for $10 a box. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last. Are we not allowed to have availability to ammunition and purchase it anymore in this country? Cheaper Than Dirt has two brands of . Ammo shortage/availability Not that we are in the reality of an apocalypse and not just theory, what are ammo supplies looking like? In the past, I reasoned that you might want something that is pretty popular, i. . I think I'm pretty well set. 9x19 ammo is one of the more popular calibers available to American civilian shooters today. Anybody notice another ammo shortage in the last few weeks? This is a discussion on Anybody notice another ammo shortage in the last few weeks? within the Michigan forums, part of the Northeast category; Recently on my last couple trips to Wally world the ammo shelves that once had a small, but steady supply of ammo has become nonexistent. On the way home, I stopped to get gas and a drop dead gorgeous Blond in a very short skirt was at the next pump. Apr 15, 2020 · Forums > Firearm-related Activities > The Ammo & Reloading Forum > Ammo shortage Discussion in ' The Ammo & Reloading Forum ' started by ral357 , Apr 15, 2020 . What is causing ammo shortage? This is a discussion on What is causing ammo shortage? within the Gun Rights forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Until recently I was in the loop in regards to buying and selling for an Gun Store. 223, . Ammo shortage? Hi Posters, I have been hearing of less supply & higher prices for various types of ammo including 223/ 5. 62 is about Ammo Supply Shortage I've been looking through my 4 preferred sites and they are all sold out of most types. 45 ACP, 230gr. 380ACP in stock, both of which are listed at $49. 00 to $12 per box/100!! Got in 15 boxes of 9mm ammo and had ordered 150. 56 & 22 rim-fire. On my end of the spectrum the shortage continues unabated. Sportsmans was limiting ammo sales. Purchasing ammo online is the best way to buy ammo. There is an ammo shortage, and an ongoing racket. Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2017 XenForo Ltd. Ammo Shortage ahead! Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beatusx, Mar 21, 2017. I would say there is a shortage. Without going crazy, it might be prudent to have plenty on hand, Mar 13, 2013 · Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. This is a discussion on Ammo shortage explained by Hornady within the Bersa Talk forums, part of the Bersa Forum category; It seems that we as gun gunners MAY have caused our Ammo shortage if you believe this. 56 is gone,22lr is about as scarce as during the last 22 panic,308/7. President Barack Obama, claiming that these people feared more restrictive gun laws, ammunition taxes, and social decay. Only higher end ammo is available in small quantities. Well folks,I was visiting a gunsmith in ID for some rifle parts and I bemoaned the . True there was a surge of buying due to the shooting tragedy, but the reality of the shortage is our supply side economy, stores have been reducing inventory over the last few years due to a degrading economy, this means their shelves and stock can be depleted if supplies are 12 hours late or more, witness every natural disaster sees every staple cleaned While I know you're being flippantand I largely don't disagreeeven the TP shortage makes sense on some level. Ammunition prices bottomed out, and especially 5. The LR was in boxes of 50, 100, and 300 and the WMR was in boxes of 50 or 200. I am not paying . The waiting list on semi-automatic rifles, handguns and ammunition is anywhere from 3-12 months at most major retailers. Mar 13, 2020 · Not even the Great 22 Shortage affected this part of the woods. to provide accurate information on the forum, The High The whole "ammo shortage" seems to me a lot like the whole "gas shortage" after Katrina hit. It seems anymore there is a run on ammo and firearms when anything happens that affects the entire country. And there was a massive . Re: will there be an ammo shortage? i have freedom of speech remember and i am frustrated can hardly find any ammo so i figured out people over buying bullets thats the problem they should save some for their fellow gun owners did you know that the moregun owners start emptying the shelves the higher the supply and demand becomes they should Ammo Shortage, Increased cost posts go here My local Wal-Mart has Winchester . Mar 21, 2020 · Ammo Shortage Discussion in ' I didn't by any ammo at the time I purchased it, and now I can't find any. Mar 26, 2020 · People are retarded. All you could buy were single boxes, limit 6 per customer. 06 and all shotgun ammo i figure its the whole . No Federal bulk 550 packs. Ammo is virtually gone at 2 local Walmarts and its hit and miss here and there. 62x39 shortages in your area? My dealer friend just did one of the larger Atlanta shows last weekend and said these two calibers were not to be found. Forum Rules. - Lake City M855 (genuine surplus M855; no longer available) Home Forums > GUN FORUM > General Firearms & Ammo > A Serious Dealer Discusses A Serious Ammo Shortage Discussion in ' General Firearms & Ammo ' started by Glenn B , Mar 30, 2020 . This morning I lucked out and found two boxes of ammo for sale. Don't forget ammo boxes for easy organization and storage. No Speer Gold Dot. there is no ammo shortage! You can Jun 17, 2015 · Does anybody know why there is a 22 ammo shortage? Ive tried to buy it in cali, arizona, nevada, and montana. The first shortage (2008–2010) Most people attributed the ammunition shortage to reaction of gun owners and other groups to the election of U. How long might ammo shortage last? This is a discussion on How long might ammo shortage last? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by phlyers13 The biggest issue we are facing is supply of components. The local gun shop owners will refuse service to sell ammo, unless Dec 31, 2012 · Page 56 of 56 - Ammo Shortage and Alert Thread - posted in Gear: What are the going prices for . They sell 9mm, . Search tags for this page. 223 Ammo shortage worsens User Name: Try google'ing it and if that doesn't work, go over to ar15. even 30-30. 44 magnum, 30-06. Threads 67,739 Messages 421,116 Members 24,804 Latest member Ohh noooo - the ammo shortage isnt over! Federal is now "shorting" us by putting 40 rds in their boxes of 22 LR Am Eagle ammo. Don't know when they will get any. 22 rimfire ammunition has evaporated again. 22 Caliber Forum; Is the . Re: Ammo Shortage? One of the other factors involved in rising costs and decreasing availability of ammo is the metals market. The Ammo makers are cranking as fast as they can. Keeping 10,000+ rounds isn't a bad idea. The gun shops say the shortage has been going on awhile. Of course it IS just after Christmas, and that does play a part. Ammo shortage. 5. Interesting. You're stuck at home, you're going I went to Academy Sports and they were not only sold out of all brands of . Best of all it's totally free! Join RnagerForum. 22 Rimfire Ammo Shortage . RSS The nationwide shortage of ammunition has left many police departments scrambling to get their hands on the necessary rounds - with some even bartering among each . No Federal brand buckshot and slugs. Other ammo is in plentifull supply. In many areas, . My local gun stores have plenty of 55 grain . Seemed like quite a few people waiting for their approvals. Feb 25, 2014 · 22 ammo shortage? - posted in The Rimfire Forum: Seem all the 22lr ammo is still going to sites like gunbroker. Just a bunch of paranoid people stocking up on gas and caused a shortage. My best guess on . After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. 22 LR ammo these days!! for instance a box of 100 CCI Mini-Mag . 45, . 9 mm ammo shortage, 9 mm shortage, 9mm ammo shortage, 9mm ammo shortage 2012, 9mm ammunition shortage, 9mm bullet shortage, Now one downfall being that as a shortage dwindles for more common calibers is when the shortage picks up for the boutique stuff. 357 magnum, . The people who reload are like "and this is why I reload!" So keep in mind that this is coming from me, a guy who buys about 99% of all his factory loaded ammo in bulk (quantities of whatever caliber in the hundreds Re: The new ammo shortage panic has begun Post by Desert Rat » Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:20 am I saw the add from Sportsman's and went this morning right after opening to get the 9mm and they were completely out of 9mm. Not everything is sourced domestically. Probably the latest pronouncement from El Presidente will drive those prone to panic to run our and get more ammo. 07 / round shipped for 40 grain Agulia. Shortage means that there is not enough of something to meet demand. No idea on the ammo for them. Also states that the margins are so thin on rimfire ammo, which is more difficult to make than centerfire, that no maker of rimfire ammo has increased their mfr'g capacity. 40S&W for under $0. Anyone else here think that another ammunition shortage is coming? The way I figure it, if one candidate wins, ammunition might get harder to find. Ammo shortage/availability - Page 2 Smith & Wesson Forum > Ammunition-Gunsmithing > Ammo Mar 13, 2020 · Was at delta arsenal in wallingford ct today to pick up my sig p365 they had sent back to get a new front sight. In fact, your CZ will most likely digest ammo from any of the major manufacturers. The shortage, is as far as I can tell is nation wide and it is all demand driven. very crowded, not many handguns left in the case not a lot of ammo left. I haven't bought, or needed to buy, ammo in 2 years. Also went online to Midway USA and most of their bulk was on backorder. Ammo shortage is here - Talked to my LGS owner today. Also recently bought about twenty rounds of . If you ever have a question, give us a call and speak to a live person – an American in America. As demand slackened, the manufacturers responded by slowing down manufacturing as well. 5CM (had none and wanted to try it) However AK Ammo looked pretty good today, and my son picked up a 300 round box of 40S&W for us to plink around with while we are stuck here on the farm. 22 bulk ammo at any Walmart or Kmart recently. I wasn't around for the last ammo shortage either. I have a family member who owns a sporting goods store and they have been selling ammo non-stop, mostly to folks who rarely shoot, but want it "just in case". I continued to add to my ammo like I’ve been doing all of 2019. Mar 31, 2020 · am i missing/not seeing something? i usaully buy from sg ammo or outdoor limited. Load up on Remington, Winchester, Hornady, Federal Ammo and many more! Get the lowest price per round on top calibers including . The ammo MFR are making the ammo that makes them the most money, IMHO pistol ammo. Everyone expects Obama to ban types of firearms, like Clinton did with AR's and high cap mags. Mar 30, 2020 · He posted a thread about the ammo shortage, not only due to the panic buying but also due to a huge existing ammo shortage that may get worse due to lack of manufacture and no importation & supply. 223 Ammo in America . Mar 27, 2020 · I keep hearing this in this forum and in other places whenever there is an ammo shortage and all the factory ammo is out of stock. Stopped in there yesterday, figured I'd pick up a case of . Nobody has any. 30/round (order placed!) There is NO ammo shortage. Here are some tips to help get you what’s needed. 21c. A lot comes from the Department of Homeland Security which has been buying up billions in ammo. I was in BPS in Lawrenceville Saturday and they had both 22 LR and 22 WMR. 22 pistols. 45 acp. I was digging around in my reloading supplies last night, and I'm happy to say I've got a helluva lot of goodies! I bought several thousand bullets of many flavors, and I've got tens of thousands of clean, polished cases of all my faves. Well there may be powder and ammo in Delta, but unfortunately there has been a run on ammo here in Juneau for a few weeks. If the other wins, we might very well need to use it. ASSRA Forum › General › Reloading the Single Shot Rifle › . 56 ammo was dirt cheap. We’ve had over two months of warning about this virus so 2 months ago I bought extra Lysol and bleach. picked up my sig, bought some range time. i even asked my uncle in mo who knows more about reloading than speer, if he knew what the shortage is all about, even reloading components are short, and if he doesnt know whats going on the rest of us "militia" wont know either Discussion about Tactical solution for ammo shortage [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Most of the shelves were empty and a quite a few were buying guns. 9mm Luger is the nations most popular centerfire pistol caliber, and we have a ton of it! Get stocked up on 9x19 parabellum today at the best prices! Due to High Order Volumes, Expect Delays in Processing Orders. 44, 5. Like the many shortages we have faced before this one too shall pass. Forum Reviews Rules Legal Site Supporters & Donations Advertise : 1911Forum Ammo Shortage, Increased cost posts go here. Mar 16, 2020 · Re: Ammo Shortage on the Mainland? « Reply #9 on: March 16, 2020, 01:04:37 PM » I just went young guns and there was at least 15 people in line buying something and a bunch others waiting to see a firearm Based on the record breaking background checks over the weekend, I suspected that there would be a jump in ammo purchases. S. Jan 16, 2009 · Merged ammo shortage threads. Even some of the big distributors like Ammo Man can't get it, especially 223. 62x54r and 7. 22 lr nowadays? Im looking to buy a fair amount and the cheapest I can find is $0. My BIL bought a Gen 5 G17 2 months ago and couldn't find any ammo locally that wasn't price gouged. Saw two guys buying at least 2k+ of a variety of . 62 x 39 ammo shortage, 7. Forums > Armory Talk > The Ammo Can > 7. Not sure if the latest shooter event will be the cause or not. He has an 20K order of 9mm lan Mar 24, 2020 · The first day I went to the grocery store and noticed things starting to get nutty, I immediately went home and ordered two cases of pistol ammo. Find a large variety of ammunition for your rifle, rimfire ammo, handgun ammo and shotgun shells. This morning I lucked out and was able to buy several cases of 9mm ammo. Whether your an old timer or just bought your Ford you'll find that Ranger Forum is a great community to join. (yawn) So I'll make another 150 rounds tomorrow. Subscribe to Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. She glanced over and saw the two boxes of ammo I read an article a few days ago that stated the ammo shortage was over in America. My favorite local gun store actually had 9mm for the first time in almost a year . Ammo shelves were almost as bare as old Russian supermarket pictures. Have heard several people complain they can't find the ammo they need and guns are flying off the shelves. Originally Posted by Debray Ammo Georgia Arms is the 5th largest retailer of . Happier Abroad Forum Community Our Message: You Can Transform Your Life and Solve Your Problems by Escaping America for a Better Life & Love Overseas! Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Friendlier Saner People & Genuine Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and Much More! I'll sell the HK USP Compact 40 when 9mm and 45Acp ammo become widely available again. Worldwide demand for metals like brass and copper are rising quickly, especially with the Chinese buying more than ever to fuel their growing economy. Walmart ammo shortage Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by FOUR4D4, May 23, 2013. and if they are onto the story, it must be big: DHS buys 1000 more rounds per person than US Army May 23, 2014 · Wallew, Shortage does not mean that you can not find any ammo at any price. Right now around most of the Country, there is a shortage of 22lr. "Decency is not news; it is buried in the obituaries --but it is a force stronger than crime" ~ Robert A. 40, . Some of the smaller, semi-autonomous units (SF and DELTA) "allegedly" procure at least of their ammo from other sources (Blackhills). 56 ammo. That's more ammo than I have seen for sale in quite some time. That should last a few days One of us has to run for groceries tomorrowmaybe alaska ammo is considered "essential" and we can grab another box . 38 this morning. See my post in the 22 rimfire forum. CAC in PA wouldnt send our club any ammo. In the 70's there was a gas shortage, supply could not meet demand. What is causing ammo shortage? This is a discussion on What is causing ammo shortage? within the Gun Rights forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Our current ammo shortage is due to a domino effect of several issues over the past decade or so. 22 rifles and line of people to look at the . Jump to page: I found a sale for . Discussion about Major Ammo "Shortage" [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Ammo Shortage. My local gun store still doesn't have any . New gun owners, which increase with each crisis, generally purchase what the greater populace does—hence common calibers. It's better than running around just to find a few boxes of . I was pretty much out. If you noticed a bunch of new brands of bulk ammo, that's due to manufactures renting out capacity. 50c + for 115 gr. Sorry to say it, but if you don’t reload or have a stockpile of ammo, it’s gonna be a rough Road for awhile. Re: 22 Ammo Shortage Well I doubt that military and law enforcement is grabbing all the . No Winchester and Remington . Somebody over National ammo shortage has no answers . 22lr, 9mm & . seems I can find anything else on the shelves except 22 lr I think the manufactures are the ones putting this stuff up for auction honestly and keeping it off the shelves just for this purpose to rape us shooters just a lot more creating and exploiting a At any rate, aluminum (Blazer is the only Al-cased ammo I know of) is just fine in CZ's. Lots of ammo makers expanded after the 2012 panic and were regretting it in the last year. com Today! The article quotes ammo mfgrs and states that the shortage is due almost entirely to hoarders. 62x39 AMMO SHORTAGE!! Discussion 7. Until then, I'm only shooting enough of those calibers (9x19mm & 45Acp) to ensure our carry guns are still functioning properly (my wife carries a Glock 26NS and I carry a HK45CT). 308, 45 ACP, 9mm. You could only buy 1 box of 100 round+ or 3 boxes of 50 rounds per day. 22 LRHP now sells for between $9. This is a problem that should not be a problem. The Obama presidency taught me my lesson. She glanced over and saw the two boxes of ammo There are still plenty of guns available but if you want something to feed your AR you will be looking a long time. He came by the house and I gave him 100 rds of WWB and 50 rds of 147gr Gold Dots. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! The . Nov 16, 2013 · Ammo shortage explained by Hornady. Mar 17, 2020 · The shortages between 2008 and 2013 left many gun owners struggling to find the most popular calibers, and some are worried the coronavirus outbreak will spur a return to scarcity. Jun 07, 2020 · Last winter they had pallets of ammo of all types for sale in bulk. I ordered me two of the new . Just out of Curiousity I checked their website, and many Common Bullets, and Ammo are "Out of Stock". Wait times for Colorado backgound checks were running two days last week. I was advised by a reliable source, that there is going to be a severe ammo shortage due to Covid19 Panic Buying. Join Date: Dec 2012. They supply most small arms ammo for the line troops. Ran to Atwoods in Stillwater during my lunch hour. 223; most cannot get New Supplies of Ammo Ammo Shortage. Burned through 150 rounds of . 56. Never made much sense to me because Ammo has Ammo shortage? Hi Posters, I have been hearing of less supply & higher prices for various types of ammo including 223/ 5. This shortage started months before the civil unrest. Mar 26, 2009 · Re: Ammo shortage? by MissedAgain » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:56 pm The issues is that we don't have any taxes - the rush on ammo officially began Nov 4, 2008 according to several sources I have read. 12 gauge ammo shortage, 22lr ammo shortage, 9mm ammo on national shortage, azbuzzard, bimart marlin 336, bulk ammo anchorage, fishermen warehouse have ammo, ky ammo shortage, lake city ammon plant, lorcin 22 pistol bullets, sportsman warehouse ammunition shipments on fridays, sportsman's warehouse ammo, xd subcompact shortages Oct 31, 2007 · Shortage Federal runs the Lake City plant for the Gov't. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 17 win super mag and they advised that I probably wouldn't get them until first of April. com and post the headstamp info in the ammo forum. The common sense laws of being prepared should have been at work here. FMJ, in the white box, packaged in 100 round boxes , for $31. It's just outrageous. And soooo many online places sold out completely. Looking for 9mm, . Trust me - there is a 12ga ammo shortage. I asked the clerk and he said they were on order but there is a shortage from all manufacturers. Last I checked, there was a reduced amount on the shelf, including 12ga big time. My opinion being if you have an order for 10,000 pallets of 9mm ammo And 10 pallets of 357 sig. today instead of multiple pages for common/popular calibers,there is little or nothing available. Bass Pro, Walmart & a number of major retailers have back orders of 3 - 12 months on . 56 Springfield XD Forum. Ammo supplies started tightening up during the election fiasco last year. The run is on. Any ideas as to why there is a shortage? Dick - if people cant get what they want to buy - it means there is a shortage. looked other places as well. I checked other websites and although most websites had ammo in stock it was either plinker low grain stuff or super expensive. dalejiw25, Oct 4, 2013. The Ammo Shortage/Panic has dried up supplies around the country. What really got to me is the prices of . Until those types get tired of spending $$ I think there will be a shortage of some form. the new administration can be rightly accused of being behind the ammo shortage. Thread starter bps3040; Start date Jan 16, 2009; Forum statistics. not sure if the shortage is getting better, or if I am just getting lucky. 99 / 50-Round Box plus shipping! Are you kidding me? And that is for simple round ball head target ammo, not even carry stuff. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - Official Forum. You can also find a great assortment of bulk ammunition to help save money. No Tula of any kind. 1:10 or faster twist required. Some of the shortage comes from average gun owners who have been stocking up because there is a shortage. He sold 70 cases of 5. There MAY be a shortage of ammo available to impulse buy at Walmart but I wouldn't know because I refuse to walk into a "Wally World". I’m good on almost everything except for the 6. Ammo shortage 2020? To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The only ammo available is listed two to three times what it had been. 380 ammo shortage. Haven't seen anymore cheaper 9mm, . 22 in stock, but I was able to get one box of . Re: Ammo shortage From what I can come up with - There was a scare that the Democrats were going to tighten the screws on gun control and ppl started hoarding. All times Ammo shortage. It is quite sobering to say the least and I can only hope that it will not come true to the full extent he discusses. It's kind of like the ice cream containers that have less in them now - I guess we are on an ammo "diet". 33 per box, tax included ($28. There wasn't a shortage, per say. 62 x 39 canada, 7. I've got plenty of 5. Firearm Purchases will stop 3 hours before store close until further notice. !! LOL excello Fellows are any of you experiencing 7. 9mm is Blazer (both 115 and 124 gr) FMJ 50 rd boxes @12. Buy components when cheap and plentiful and cast for all the handgun and rifle calibers I own (except 9mm). Right now, they are short materials to feed the machines and people to run them. A mix of . Of course I grabbed one. 22LR ammo is all I buy and have plenty on hand. Big run on reloading supplies at the moment too. It may be time to figure out this reloading thing. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! Discussion about Major Ammo "Shortage" [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. (gun/ammo shortages, discussion here) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Forum Member . True M193 ammo will be sealed at the bullet and primer, will have a crimped primer and bullet, and is a 5. On the way home, I stopped at the gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde was filling up her car at the next pump. I usually buy my Reloading Components from Midway when they offer Free Shipping. She looked at the ammo in the back of my car and said in a very sexy voice, "I'm a big believer in barter, big boy". Approximately 17,800 rounds for . I see Recob's online store is closed. 380s, about all they had aside from . Feb 20, 2015 · Actually I 'Store' ammo by having reloading resources on hand. ammo shortage forum

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